Plans & Pricing

Running a small business can be tough, especially when it comes to managing your budget. We get that. That's why we've created pricing plans that really make sense for you. Whether you're just starting out or you're a larger company looking at the cost-to-value ratio, we have options tailored just for your needs.


per hour
Get 2 hours free!
$12 after free trial

Deposit: $10
Per Month Cost: $0
5% Service charge

✓ Free 1 scoping credits
✓ 1 Dedicated Channel
✓ Free 1 Escalation credit
✓ Upto 3 CMS slots

✗ Access to Freedesk
Educate webinars
✗ Tech meetups
(Middle-east only)
✗ Basic Ticket analytics
*TNC's apply


per hour
Deposit: $10
Per Month Cost: $10
5% Service charge

✓ Free 2 scoping credits
✓ 1 Dedicated Channel
✓ Free 2 Escalation credit
✓ Upto 7 CMS slots
✓ Access to Freedesk Educate webinars
✓ Advanced reportion for tickets
✓ Free Consultation 24/7

✗ No Access to Tech meetups
(Middle-east only)
✗ No integration with PMO's
✗ No Periodic reporting
✗ No financial modelling
*TNC's apply


per hour
Deposit: $10
Per Month Cost: $15
5% Service charge

Standard + all below:

✓ Credit scoring
✓ Free 5 scoping credits
✓ Unlimited Channel agents
✓ Credit scoring upto $500
✓ Unlimited CMS slots
✓ Access to freedesk Tech meetups
✓ Advanced periodic reporting
✓ Clockify© Reports
✓ Free Consultation
✓ HIPAA & SOC Standard Agreements
✓ Blue Badge, Risk Cover(agreed term)
✓ Integration with PMO's
✓ Invitations to the freedesk sustainablity campaigns
*TNC's apply


per hour
Deposit: ~TBD
Per Month Cost: ~TBD
5% Service charge

Priority + all below:

Some requests are taken as projects where applicable. This is generally when the issue requires a set of tasks and is not a simple scope of work.

✓ Blue Badge, Risk Cover(Agreed Term)
✓ Full Access to Partner Expertise
✓ Physical Installations + setups(if agent available)
✓ Statement Of Comparison
*TNC's apply

Frequently asked questions

What are scoping credits?

Think of scoping credits like special hours we set aside just for you. During these hours, we dive deep into figuring out what your problem is and then come up with the best ways to solve it. It's like detective work – we look at all the clues (your project details) and use our expertise to understand the whole picture before we start working on a solution.

What are escalation credits?

Escalation credits come into play when we need to bring in the big guns. Say we start with a Level 1 engineer, but your project needs more expertise. We'll move up to a Level 2 or even a Level 3 engineer. These credits cover the time for bringing in higher-level help to make sure your problems get solved by the right pros.

What is a dedicated channel agent?

A dedicated channel agent is like your personal guide through our service. They talk with you, share your concerns with the engineers, and make sure everything is clear for you. Every customer gets their own agent, except if you're on the enterprise plan – then you get even more specialized support!

Do I pay before or after the work is done?

Usually, we'll figure out what needs fixing and wait for your go-ahead before we start patching things up, which means you pay first. But as we get to know you better and you build up a good credit score with us, we can give you some wiggle room. Depending on your score, you could get services first and pay later, up until you hit a certain point.

Why do I need to pay a small deposit?

The small deposit is there for when you decide to cancel your contract with us. It's kind of like a promise between us that shows you're serious about wanting our services. We think it's important to have this in place so we know our customers are committed. In no case will we hold your deposit.

What are CMS(Capacity Management Solution) slots?

CMS slots are basically spots we fill with people for your project. We find them, manage them, and make sure they're the perfect fit for the work you need done. It's all about having the right team in place for you.
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